Interior Designer or Contractor?

Can you believe we need to pay HDB for SGD$5 for our HDB floor plan after we getting a SGD$4xxK for the pathetic little shoe box from them?

Our HDB Floor Plan

Our HDB Floor Plan – Posted here as I don’t really mind sharing it with others and hope they can save they SGD$5, yes, I just don’t want HDB to earn the $!

Seriously, SGD$5 is not that big amount consider we can only take like 3.5 shuttle bus trip (SGD$1.30 per trip) in Singapore… but then again…

Finally have the time to send out the floor plan for quotations. We haven’t decided on whether we will get an Interior Designer or a Contractor.

My point of view is: we just need a simple love nest, not a designer house, so if it’s as simple as that, we should be able to settle it with contractor. Hearing some horrible story from friends regarding the ID, I wonder if it’s worth to pay the amount.

His point of view is: this is our first love nest, after waiting for 3x years. He wish to reduce risk (and probably any possibility of my after-incident nag) of any problem that might happen. After, he is not confident of conveying what we need to the contractor without the translation of a interior designer.

I guess both point of views are valid, so we will just get more quotation, compare around, and settle for what might suit our budget and requirement best.

P/s: I heard we need to monitor everything closely during the renovation period, wonder if I need to go down to the house everyday before/after work?

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