Photo Selection~

Today is the day:

Photo Selection Process

Photo Selection Process

We exceeded the packaged 38 photos by 13 photos so we need to make some tough choice.
Can tell Gary is very tempted to spent the 13x$95=$1235 to get them but I decided to be the bad guide dog to ‘chop off the extras’.

Like this a lot (Gary cannot understand why I like those photos that we cannot see ourselves) but I feel this is something we can take at normal days so… bye bye~

Photo Selection - Bye bye~

Photo Selection – Bye bye~

Also like the feel of the photo + my obvious manicure (first time do french manicure and the mani+pedi session costed me $66!)… but the unnatural smile helps me do the task better…

Photo Selection - Bye bye too~

Photo Selection – Bye bye too~

In the end?
Of course without the extra $1235, the owner – Wendy will not be giving us what she promised us:
– Whole set of hardcopy photos what are supposed to cost $388
– A 3D photo frame + 3 photo print out that are supposed to cost $688
(she rejected my request to exchange the photo frame for more extra photos LOL)

We still exceed my $0 top up plan by getting one extra photos 🙁
The photos by Charlie is not that bad but I have to give up quite a few (including the candid photo series of the gigantic ring) for maybe one extra shelf in my new house so yah 🙁

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  1. Gary Ong says:

    Too bad we have to leave a few great shots behind =( However, we can put the unspent cash into better use such as on renovations, knowingly that the photo album will most likely be gathering dust in a few years time…. LOL!!!

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