We got it

We got it @_@

Propertyguru alike photo

Propertyguru alike photo

Was telling Gary I was a bit lost. I thought that we are just going to have a second viewing and probably can think for another while, at least chat with the neighbour (although I totally have no ideas how to implement this), or see the sun (it’s a hot and cloudy day when we went for the viewing!). Was still in my lala land when I signed on it.

Guess what, although a bit uncomfortable (as in, still not totally decisive we should settle for it, the rooms seem pretty dark if we did not on the lights, etc), I still proceed to sign on the paper… and the SUN finally appear after so many times we came over for viewing (not exactly able to view the sun, but the sky cleared)!!!

Next step. Prepare for house renovation.

p/s: Just in case you wonder, No, Gary did not ask if I want to buy a HDB when he proposed to me. =)

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