Are we having it soon … ?

Just finished our wedding card selection (thanks for the kind and friendly staffs who stayed very late for us!!!) and he got a call.

He sound surprised but I sorta guessed what is the content about…

What I cannot guess was, the offer was surprising smooth and we managed to got the Option to Purchase (OTP) 8k under what we originally intend to offer. @_@ We can’t believed our ears (yes, agent tell him and he tell me, so is “WE”!), we seems so scarily lucky and we wonder if this is a good thing or a bad thing. If everything goes well and we managed to see the super hot sun on the next viewing but didn’t get melted, we are likely to get it!

Anyway, excited at the idea… I already thinking of where to source the interior designer and contractor for our new house.

Starting to miss mum already @_@ (See, that’s the thing about not being filial enough during normal time!)… and I started to wonder if I should trouble dad to help us with our furniture. I know it is his wishes, to make something for his marrying out daughter, but I am worry he will “think out of the box” and make something which might not suit our style well. I also worry that what if he wanted to retired but want to hold back just for me? Should I troubled him like that? Seriously, Dad’s workmanship is great, other than trying to piss his family off every now and then with weird furnitures, the products he made for his customers are all of great qualities and highly recommended, maybe I shall get someone to design and pass him to work on them if to minimize conflict but fulfilled his and my wishes?

My mind is racing again. Very excited, need to start saving for my hidden bed. 😛 Gary says the room with odd shape will be my room which he promised to give me =.=” GARY IS BIG BULLY!~

But thanks a lot. ^_^


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