House Viewing Day (Round 3)

Today is another house viewing day.

Told Gary that I should have more free time since now we cleared our pre-wedding photography milestone.

As usual, running out of time so I have to have peanut butter pancake for my lunch.

As usual again, the sky decided to play a joke with us and it turned out to be a rainy day again (can you believed we went to the area 4 times – 1x checking out for our possible BTO selection area and 3x resale flat house viewing and it RAIN BIG TIME?!!).

House #1: CF turned off by the lack of maintenance & Gary turned off by the lack of windows (thus lack of ventilation)

House #2: CF turned off by the 20 minutes walk from unit to MRT

House #3: Gary turned off by the odd shape of living room area and the design of the 2-in-1 room (owner hacked one of the wall so the two room are awkwardly positioned into one)

House #4: CF and Gary turned off by the GREEN tiles and bomb-shelter.

After some discussion, overall, House #2 is still an acceptable option since the house is still decently maintained, and if one decided to take LRT, it will be just 10 minutes away from MRT, and we will be sheltered all the way from MRT to the unit during rainy days.

Let’s see how?

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