Pre-wedding Photographer Vs Actual Day Photographer

Our Pre-wedding Photo shoot Photographer: Charlie Photography

[Space to be update after we got our photo]

Our Actual Day Photographer: DSimage Photography

[Space to be update after our actual day]

It’s funny that when we asked “If we like our pre-wedding photographer, can we engaged him as our actual day photographer?” but was told that the pre-wedding photographer do not usually do actual day photography.

And thus we reached out to find another Photographer for our actual day photography.

p/s: In case you are a French Wedding bride, this is not true. Charlie do provide Actual Day Photography, but to engage him for that you might need to check with the boss.

p/s again: Gary’s colleague took the full package from French Wedding – including pre-wedding shoot by Charlie and Actual Day by random photographer by PictureMe… I glad we didn’t go for the economical Actual Day package. =)


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