Actual Day Photographer hunt

I meant to have the post title as “Actual Day Photographer shopping” but feel it is not very respectful to the professionals.

Today met with our potential 2nd AD photography – DS (1st is the guy whom Gary and I chatted with at the wedding village last year but I don’t feel as comfortable towards him as compared to DS). I like the way he planned the schedule for us and even consider the fact about how environment affects his end products (maybe not a concern to most but my house, especially my room, is super messy so I have been very upset about this).

Although his rate is surprisingly acceptable, Gary still wish to check out other photographer (sad, he don’t seem impress with those I recommended to him 🙁 ), but DS only give us a deadline till Monday to get back to him.

Hmmm… how? Should I just reject him upfront or wonder if he would mind us getting back on a later date to confirm, afterall, it’s not just my wedding, I need Gary to be comfortable with the person who will be ‘ordering him around on our actual day’.


p/s: Have to admit I a bit bias as his Malaysian accents makes me feel like I am talking to old pals from Malaysia 😛

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