Gown selection

Went for gown selection last weekend and managed to pull “half of my world” along =)

We have a package with French Wedding (but billed under Jazz wedding) on Dec 2013 wedding village at Suntec last year.

I wasn’t very pleased with the lady talking very loud when she discovered I was looking for the company review online when she was trying to psycho Gary to sign the package, but the price is “reasonable” so Gary took out his credit card anyway.

I was quite taken aback when the lady told me on the gown selection day that once we select the gown for our pre-wedding photo shoot, we need to use them for the actual day and can’t change/re-select gown anymore after the session (later I realised they will make us make the full payment so I guess they want to ‘close’ the deal asap).  Was a bit disappointed as this means I will not be able to select the latest gown that come up after my pre-wedding photo shoot (which is like 6 months before the wedding date and 2 season ahead?). So much for the ‘We update our gown selection every 3 months so you will get to pick the latest gown near your wedding date, so you do not need to go to our bridal store to view the selection since there will be a lot of new selection by the time your actual day is near’ promise from the bridal store 🙁

Have to admit the gown selection is quite decent though, I was a bit worried that I will not be able to find anything that suits me but luckily the designer was around to help out a bit (till he was kept busy with another bride who have one thousands and one comments for their gowns) and the new staff – Anna pick up my preference quite fast (although she begins to show signs of impatience when my friends fall in one by one with more and more comments). =)

By the time they start measurements for Gary, the store is quite crowded with another bridal… so they just briefly let him try a few jacket and send him off … to pay the bills =.=”

Looking at the bride who reached slightly later than me but still yet to find a satisfied gown by the time I left, this is the first time in my life that I finally feel I am very not fussy and can find dress easily~

Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown

Decided to give up the simple short tea dress because my fat legs looks fatter 🙁 Thanks for my heavy bottom, there goes my dream simple wedding dress.

Not going to share the photos of my selected gown so probably more people will want to attend my wedding on the actual day just to see me in wedding gown. LOL 😛

p/s: French wedding attempted to get us upgrade to the full package as Gary was making his payment, claiming we only need to top up $800 to get actual day photographer with unlimited digital photos with editing. When we hesitate, the lady boss say she can give us a ‘special price’ of $600 for the upgrades.

After some checking, we realised that the actual day photographer will not be the same photographer as the one we engaged for our pre-wedding photo shoot, and the discounted package only includes 300 photos. So yah, whenever you sign for anything, make sure you ask and double ask to clarify. ASSUME make an ASS-out-of-U-and-ME. =) It’s a common marketing tactics used across the industry.

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