Love-nest where where where….Part One

While the focus is to make our BIG DAY is memorable one, what matters next is how we are going to built our lives together. This brings to the hot topic on every Singaporean couples’ mind – getting a nice cosy love-nest to start a new family.

Unfortunately in today’s climate where is an inflow of cash into the market & prolong low interest rates, the property prices are rising and constantly defying gravity!! How our public housing built-to-order (BTO) & sales of balance flat (SBF) schemes are being managed adds to the whole problem. Having applied thrice and facing disappointment in the balloting results for BTO/SBF, we are seriously considering getting a flat from the open market or known as resale flat.

Below is a table of the prevailing trend of the median resale flat pricing as extracted from the HDB website (The data is extracted but the chart is self-generated using MS office).


Some of the estates prices are simply out of our budget and even if I have a choice, I would rather pay some delta to get a condo rather than S$700k++ for a HDB flat!!! Seems like we have a quite a number of choices if we set a budget of S$500k. Wish us luck in our hunt for a love-nest!!!

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