Just another day

After my gathering with Jan, JL, TS & AJ, we decided to meet at Star Vista for dinner.
Since we have some spare time, we decide to go around look at wedding band again.

Saw these at Goldheart… the selection at the Star Vista branch is not a lot, the staff – William, is quite friendly and patiently share the selections available there.
Unfortunately these are the only pair which we feel ‘ok’ about the design…

Citigem - shortlisted wedding band design

Goldheart – shortlisted wedding band design 

I don’t really like the female ring though. I prefer the male ring… one of my wedding band criteria is “no diamond”. I find it a bit impractical and too stress if my wedding band have diamond – not as convenient to do household chores and what if I lost it?!

After a while we decided to have dinner. I was angry and upset with Gary over a silly matter and this is his hopeless face waiting for me to cool down.

Our Paparich dinner... *thinking when will all the food be served*

Our Paparich dinner… *thinking when will all the food be served*

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