Chinese wedding tradition: Preparing Betrothal (过大礼)

There are so many advise on what to prepare for the Betrothal online and offline which really makes our head spin…

One of the list can be found here: 各籍贯结婚过大礼所需的用品.

The list is sooooo long!



  • 礼饼
  • 2只鸡
  • 2瓶洋酒
  • 2对龙凤烛,
  • 2套龙凤香,
  • 19粒柑,
  • 19粒苹果,
  • 1 块红布(男方必须比女方的长,在婚礼当天挂在门楣,象征鸿运当头),
  • 1大盘发糕,
  • 一些蔬菜如生菜(象征生生不息),
  • 芹菜(象征克勤克俭)
  • 青葱(象征聪明才智)
  • 煎堆
  • 及一块给准新娘未娶的兄长做裤子的布料(象征财富绵绵).


  • 一些礼饼,
  • 18个发糕,
  • 两瓶橙汁,
  • 瓜子(象征早生贵子),
  • 莲子百合(象征百年好合),
  • 蜜枣(象征甜甜蜜蜜), 龙眼, 茶叶,
  • 8粒柑,
  • 8粒苹果,
  • 一并送往准新郎的家. 新娘母亲要买裤子, 裤带及皮包给女婿(象征买田买地荣华富贵).
  • 退还部分的聘金, 表示女方家人乐意与男方分享.

I remember mum did mentioned about the belt so I guess this is one of the more traditional list?

Gary and I also found another list, which he add on more and end up looking something like this:

Simplified Betrothal List

Simplified Betrothal List

In case you wonder why we “不用火猪(do not need fire boar)”, this is just a photo I took of the list before I finally teach him how to spell the words 烧猪(roast pig)… his Chinese… really as “good standard” as my English. But on the bright side, we compliment each other =)

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