Wedding Band Collected!

And so we collected our wedding band, finally!

We were initially expecting it to be done by early February as it is supposed to take 3 weeks to custom make our rings… but once we received the call from Lee Hwa Jewellery (Tampines Mall) to tell us we can collect the ring we are so excited to go down to collect them 🙂

The design is simple but I like them as that is the life I am looking forward too… a simple life. As long as we are happy in future I really do not need too many fanciful things in our life. Having a simple ring also reduce me fear of losing it or getting robbed, etc, yes, I am paranoid! But why get ourselves so stress over ‘something’ when the ‘someone’ is definitely more important?

Our wedding band

Our wedding band

So happy! Gary reminded me that we have save almost 50% of the amount to the pair we eyed at Soo Kee. Haha!~

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