2018-06-01 First day of June

Time flies.

It’s first day of June.


We are married for 4.5 years, LO is 2.5 years coming to 3 soon.

Have a bad headache for past 2 days, bad sore throat for past 2 days and body aching since yesterday. Engine old already didn’t maintain well, really everything also break down. Maybe can try bring Kpo Kia go gym to play also.

Had a false alarm recently and really set me thinking. On one hand, I would really love to give LO a sibling but I do not have the confident to take care of 2 kids at the same time at all. The idea is terrible, I won’t be able to give either of them the best – consider now I have been always ‘pushing LO away’ whenever I have work to do.

Sorry LO.

Mummy is not very good mummy. I need to put in more patience (but you have been constantly challenging my limited patience too much).

Will try to give you more activities to keep you occupied.

Love you. Love Daddy, too.


p/s: 2 days ago when making LO sleep, I was pretending to sleep and back facing her, she tap on me and ask me ‘Mummy, look at me, hug me’. Heart really melts and hug her to sleep. This is the moments I love and adore, which I might not experience it often, but I will remember this forever and shall my love for her never fade.

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