(2017-05-29) You have got over it!

Ever since you have started school, you become abnormally attached to mummy.
Mummy used to regret giving up breastfeeding you due to the pressure from the elderly and work, which indirectly also affected our bonding, but somehow childcare help us to bond!

You become more aware of strangers, and even family members whom you do not see daily. For almost the whole of May, you need some time to warm up before you can mixed around with the elderly. Mummy can sense that the elderly aren’t happy about it, and even rather you cling to daddy instead of me. I was caught in between the difficult position but to be frank, in my heart, I am happy to feel that you are “getting closer” to me.

But then baby~ Opps, you are no longer a baby, you are a toddler!
On this Monday morning, you calmly wave “bye bye” to Daddy and walk into the class to join your classmates, no longer the crying baby who refused to leave your Daddy side every morning when he sent you to school.
At evening, you also didn’t cry when you saw that I was here to fetch you. In fact, after we left the school, you have been turning back to wave “bye bye” to your teacher who had already turned her back to you as she is busy packing to leave the school (working hours in childcare is really long, can’t blame that they are eager to leave once the last student left the class).

And yah, Mummy realised, you have “grown up” over the month, you have become an independent toddler.
I missed the “clingy baby” I had but is still proud of you, life goes on, and as long as it benefits you in long run, Mummy is willing to “be forgotten” (temporarily). But baby, don’t forget Mummy yet, ok? Mummy love you too much to be forgotten, it will be too heart aching to know that one day you might just forgotten Mummy totally.

Miss my “clingy baby” girl.


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