(2016-08-30) Happy August

It’s not a good month for my career.

But it’s a good month for us.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Pokemon Go finally come to Singapore and You and I love it. In fact, sort of ‘crazy’ over it and we went a couple of places to hunt for our pokemon. LOL. This means that Leticia gets to go out with us more often… and I mean. Out of the house.

Just a pity she can’t walk yet so she can’t get to enjoy playing with nature and etc. Wish you get to be able to explore more soon, dear.


P/s: She’s growing the 2 top teeth now so she busy biting while we busy hunting.

P/s again: I don’t think we neglect her any more than normal… still love her and busy annoying and teasing her even during our hunt.

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