Our 2015: Day 290


Today is the EDD actual day. But still no sign of popping.

In the morning, I had a night full of dreams.

First dream:
I dreamt that my waterbag burst, and was asked for option on what type of waterproof padding do I want… cant’t remember anymore detail by the time I wake up for my first pee of the night (yes, one thing I hate about pregnancy is – I always need to wake up few times in middle of the night to pass urine. I think my bladder is spoilt from pregnancy!).

Last dream:
Somehow I remember the first dream in my dream, and realised it’s a dream in my dream! So out of impatience, I feel frustrated and irritation and I begin to scold why did gynaes bothers to share EDD with the mummies when it’s not even accurate!?

Can’t remember those dreams in between, I think I dreamt something about doctors from NUH or SGH, someone ask another person why is a particular doctor so popular, then I think to myself, because Japaneses only trust Japaneses, and thus they go for him. Also dreamt I took my sister’s bag accidentally and her bag is full of sushi and I need to return her the bag, full of weird dreams…

Wonder when will baby decided to come out, but I sort of give up on playing the waiting game with heer. LOL… so guess I will just feast on whatever I have and sleep more while she taking her own sweet time to come out (like the dad). LOL


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