Our 2015: Day 281

It’s a long day for me.
Boring day… you went off to work and I forgot to spread your bread for you!! *Sotong me*
Meet M for breakfast and we chat till almost 12. Wow~~ I was quite surprise at myself too, cos I thought my anti-social self is back but anyway, nice to learn tips from her on household and childbirth and confinement.
After the late breakfast, we split our way as busy mummy need to go home to look after adorable girls while lazy preggy need to strike of some tasks on hand.

Went to couple of places and did some of the following… end up I clocked 16K steps for the day!!!

  • Check out if the Cathay gift card’s credit is still valid but the booth is not opened! Try to go to the booth @ The Cathay Level 5 but it is flood with people thanks to the Singtel promotion… I end up can’t even get near to any staffs… mission failed
  • Took lunch at the Hungry Kraken – The lady boss is also pregnant thus we get to chat a while about babies~ Haha… the waffles burger there is super sinful (for a preggy who is supposed to be on strict diet) but really yummy. I also love the services there. I think the male boss is very patient in explaining the menu. Side track a bit, in Singapore, it’s easy to identify (for small biz) if the person servicing you is the owner of the store or not, usually, the owner from a new + small biz will be super patient towards the customers.
  • Look for watch strip replacement for the sport watch given to Gary, but I can’t find it anywhere, maybe get a new one is better choice?… mission failed again
  • Look for cheapo ‘pot’ to boil the herbal shower water (大风艾) for my confinement – seriously, I don’t know if I am too cheapo or what, the cheapest pot I can find even in the cheapo store cost me > $25, and it looks so small I’m not sure if the confinement lady will need to boil how many rounds to help me fill up a small pail of them… mission failed again
  • Trim eyebrow – want to feel better just before the moment, but after trimming, doesn’t makes a difference before and after 🙁
  • Look for tripod – seems like there is a promotion for the tripod, but the staffs there are like super busy… and no one have time for a preggy who is only looking at a cheapo $100 tripod 🙁 … mission failed again
  • Look for body paint – found a few type of body paint to do art with my little princess after she is born, but I cannot find the board to display the art so I decide not to buy first, I need to choose the color after I can confirm on the color of the board… mission failed again
  • Got some blutac and printer label to attempt my artwork…
  • Got my dinner…

Walk from places to places as there isn’t a more convenient way to travel between these place… Tiring day

In my heart, I am super curious if walking a lot will really trigger ‘early labour’… but suddenly I miss princess and begin to feel the fear of other reproach my child bringing methods and worse, override my methods 🙁

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