Our 2015: Day 278

And so today I officially started my maternity leave… to prepare to welcome the little princess.
No, she haven’t popped out yet.
No, there is no sign of labour yet.

Why am I taking leave so early? Partly is because I feel agitated too easily when talking over the phone with the tech vendors, partly because of the haze, mainly… because I am lazy. LOL!!! Yah… waking up early is not a problem to me anymore ever since I am pregnant, I usually wake up at least 2 times in between my 6-8 hours of sleep, but staying alert in work is a challenge.

Anyway, started the day as per normal, finished my breakfast before Mr Ong even left the house (as usual), and later just slack…

Decided to send out the emails on the update of Friday’s concall so my SPM will not be “con” by the tech vendor on what was communicated… and slow me, used up almost 2 hrs to send out the email.

After that, I decided to ‘anyhow wipe’ the kitchen cabinet door as there are very obvious oil stain, and it do feel oily when I touched it… I am a bit paranoid on how people will judge this lazy mum who didn’t clean up the kitchen during the Princess’s full month celebration. I wish I have more energy to climb up and down, but I got tired so easily that I really anyhow wipe and need a long rest after that.

After nua-ing and surfing on Facebook via my mobile for god-knows-how-long, I decided to iron the rest of the clothing… just a few pieces, and I got TIRED again!!! *sigh* I feel so useless.

So I slacked again after my lunch and watched a few episode of korean show on TV, and I decided to vacuum the floor. OMG… useless is understatement for my current state… I just got so hot and tired easily I took again don’t know how many hours to vacuum my tiny little 4-room flat.

So wish we had engaged a part-time helper so I do not need to do all these things but kana rejected *sob sob*, anyway, I really have no idea on where to find a reliable helper these days with so many horror stories shared on facebook.

Finally, after vacuuming the floor, I raise white flag and rot on sofa… and then cook my simple dinner and then rot on sofa again… and dozed off. LOL. I think the most important furniture one should get is sofa. I love our L-shaped sofa!

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