Our 2015: Day 234

It’s a lazy Saturday.

We slept till pretty late, almost 11am.

After some coordination, Dad finally come to pick up Gary before picking up the baby changing cabinet.

Initially was quite happy that Dad can come over and wish to have him take a rest at our house, but once again, he is rushing over to loan the lorry to his friend… somehow I wish Leticia will be less kind-hearted… at least not to those who try to take advantage of her, but who knows what will happen N years later?

Got hungry pretty soon so I airfry 3 pieces of Prata but Gary do not want to eat, so I just clear them myself. LOL… end up I ate too full and doze off to sleep again…

Is blessed that dinner is all prepared by the time I am awake. 🙂

After dinner we went to Kiddy Palace to look for mattress, but mission failed. End up we got an air purifier (for us or for Leticia?) and a new earphone (for me!) 🙂

Somehow today is very tired… but once home, we start to unpack some of the stuffs and prepare the items which we are going to wash for her. Wow! She indeed have quite a lot of clothings, but somehow I still feel it is not enough… jia lat.. why am I having such feeling? I think, really, all parents are more willing to spent on babies than themselves…

p/s: This morning FB chatted with may, her girl’s EDD is very near mine, she is a bit disappointed to have a girl. Although I admit I too wish for a boy, I still try to console her that she can try a boy for the next baby =) (yes, she is still young and can afford! In Myanmar baby items are still cheaper than in Singapore… so she really can afford financially and physically.)


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