Our 2015: Day 227

Week 31 now. Time flies. Another 7-9 weeks and our deary will be popping out soon. I don’t think Dr Tham will wait till week 40 then induce her out if she still refused to come out by then. Personally, I really wish to induce her out naturally after week 37 as I am really worry that she will be too big to come out. Giant baby is never good for baby or mummy.

Tiring day although I didn’t do a lot.

Morning wake up, snack a bit and went to see my insurance agent, with a new member popping out soon, I think I really need to provide her with some protection in case I *touchwood* need to go too early (yah… never think much of going off early as I’m sure Mr Ong can take care of himself, but with Leticia… another story)

After reached home, I dozed off a while, then we decided to finished up our ‘molten lave cake’ before the mixing expired… the output… LOL… not as disastrous as last round, but it certainly don’t look appetizing. =)

Dinner, we decided to cook the Japanese curry… but having finished K-ing 5 cup of molten lava cake around 6pm, we are pretty full and almost cannot finished the curry… so I keep stuffing myself in order not to waste food 🙁

My weight at the end of day. OMG de heavy… 67.2kg!!!

Depressing…. decided to remove all notification on facebook for the foodie group so I will not be constantly reminded of food. I need to stop gaining weight… I have been having craving even when I am feeling super full 🙁

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