Our 2015: Day 180 – Day 3 of our Honeymoon + Babymoon + Your birthday celebration

Since we have made plans to go over to the Bali collection shopping area in the morning, and the free shuttle leave at 10 am, we rushed through our breakfast pretty fast. Surprising the pork sausage is not as nice as the chicken sausage we had the previous day.

This round we have our breakfast indoor.

I pretty like the french toast but you find it too milky, and the milk ‘taste weird’ to you.

End up the Bali collection shopping area is really a pure tourist area. You won’t be able to find any non-tourist customer around.
Nothing much to see or buy since the price is quite expensive. I am too lazy to think of anything to buy for any friends, but you managed to buy something for Zack 🙂

The weather is hot (Luckily not as humid as in Singapore), and there’s not much air con places… we have some not-so-interesting lunch and then we waste time till 2:55pm before going back to the pickup point, only knowing the guy actually been there waiting 30 minutes ago!! What a waste! If I did not tell you that we should drag later before going back, then we can go back to the resort earlier.

Didn’t do much for the afternoon and evening… we nap a while and went back to Ju-Ma-Na for a snack, in hope to watch the sunset. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any sun in sight although the sky is beautiful. Still, we enjoy the scenery. Pity thing is, you have ordered a finger food with pork ingredient, but end up it’s 3 type of different smoked ham, and I don’t dare to eat much T___T… luckily, once again, they served us some bread (pity it’s not free flow this round), so at least I am not too hungry. The place is windy, and we look silly taking photos non-stop… haha… but with you being silly with me, is still a great experience.

We asked for the leftover cake to be delivered to our room after we went back to the room, and we almost finished it (me clearing another 60% while you took 30%, leaving 10% untouch) while watching tv…

We just enjoyed the night being lazy in the room and enjoying the aircon, tv, and *blush* bathtub… thanks god you are very accommodating to slacker CF. *MUACK*

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