Our 2015: Day 179 – Day 2 of our Honeymoon + Babymoon + Your birthday celebration

Wake up quite late and we went for our buffet breakfast at the Bambu restaurant. The service there is goooooooood. Attention span rate 5/5. Were seated outdoor although you are actually asking the waitress if the place we walking is the entrance. The weather is nice and cooling.

Foodwise, not much choice actually. Perhaps because I can’t eat beef, mutton and advised against raw food, including salad, plus I am supposed to control my diet T_____T. You didn’t take a lot of food also.

After breakfast, we took a bit of photos of the infinity pool beside the restaurant, and we went for the one and only activities which this preggy can participate, and is within our schedule – Neck and shoulder massage. We asked the person taking care of the main pool about the massage, and is directed to the spa (thanks god for the invention of buggy) for a ‘5-minutes’ massage… when we reached there, we were told that it’s actually at the main pool, and despite us telling the reception we are joining the ‘activities’ during our check-in, the spa staff does not seem to be aware of it, and tell us there is only one masseuse, so you and I have to take turns. I thought it’s a session when the masseuse will teach us how to do neck and shoulder massage, but end up it’s a complimentary 15-minutes free massage service… anyway, we book a message for both of us in the later part of the day 🙂

How can we not enjoy the pool after running around getting bikini for me to enjoy the ‘private pool’? End up… haha…. the pool water is too cold and 1.4m height is a bit too high for me to not be fearful of the water… You managed to swim for a while and me enjoying the nice weather watching you… till the ‘engineer’ come in to help us on the jacuzzi… then I can finally get into the water, for a while… haha!

After that we went for the spa, and I ended up snoring a bit. Feel so refreshed… till I got a shocked at the GST and service charge amount (later than I realised it is 21% of the total amount we spent for the session).

After the spa, we went back to change (I insist I need to wear dress, only to remember later that I only bring sandals and my converse canvas shoe!!) before we went to the famous restaurant – Ju-Ma-Na Bar for our fine dining dinner. Knowing fine-dining area == small portion share of good food at premium price, we ordered an ‘accompany food’ before we have our main course, and each of us ordered a dessert for fear that the food portion is too small (ok, actually only I am kiasu about this). Not knowing is… they actually serve free-flow of bread before they serve the food, and some complimentary specials – a sorbet to clean up our ‘taste bud’, and a piece of scallop after that before our main course. By the time we finished our chocolate desserts, which looks small, but actually is very filling, we are really full.

Suddenly, we are caught by surprise at this moment with a few staffs from Ju-Ma-Na singing birthday songs and walking to us, presenting a piece of cake for us!!! Really surprised! Understand that some restaurant do give guest such surprise, but usually it’s only a slice of a small piece good enough for 1 to consume, but this, it’s actually good enough for at least 4 pax (if we are not that full) to enjoy. End up we have to bring the left over back to our villa, as we only managed to eat one quarter of it. =)

Was sent back the villa by buggy, feel like a king and queen of the day 🙂

I dozed off while watching tv in bed, around midnight… for once, I feel sleepy so easily…

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