[Backlog] Thank you :)

Finally get to meet Andrina and EA for our long over-due gathering.

We are supposed to meet with Janice but she need to go to hospital for her checkup so yah… the previous round I missed it due to my work problem 🙁

Anyway, nice to catch up with the girls and I was gifted with these when we are all sharing updates and good news in our life:

Wedding Gifts~

Wedding Gifts~

After our gathering with the girls, I have another gathering with JL & TS. Same for the previous gathering, pity that Janice can’t join us, as she is still in hospital. Although I very much wish to get the girls help, I didn’t ask them since I’m worry that TS will not bear to stay away from AJ and AJ’s mei mei for 12 hours for me, and JL might not feel comfortable to help out solo. Was super glad that TS says she is really sincere in her offering of help and feel hurt *opps* at my ‘rejection for her help’. Now my ‘sisters resource crunch’ problem is solved (if JL did not go for her holiday or get heavily pregnant by then =X)

Thanks girls! My best wedding gift is your voluntary offers to help out for my wedding preparation despite your busy schedules.

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