(2016-10-20) Happy Birthday, My dear!

Happy Birthday, my dear!

While you are sleeping like a oink oink now, I am writing this post.

One year ago, I was still suffering in hunger at this timing… waiting for a ward to be cleaned up for me to be pushed in… now, I am also waiting for you to wake up so we can go out gai gai (walk/shop around) so I can reward myself with some good food.

Glad that you are growing healthy… except your eczema. Hope it goes off soon. Heartache to see your forehead, and now your back full of red patches. You are learning to walk and although your crawl pretty well, you always lost balance and knocked against your head, be careful dear. Hope you also ditch off the bad habit of leaning backwards without checking out what’s behind you, it’s super dangerous!

Glad that you can eat well and gaining weight steadily… but hope you shed off some baby fats the healthy way soon… you are looking more and more like a snorlax now ­čśŤ Harder to capture your beautiful side for your instagram account yah…

Daddy & Mummy love you a lot a lot.



P/s: Hope you also become better tempered and enjoy your life ahead with more smile and less crying & screaming…


  1. Jodie says:

    Hello! I was looking for reviews on Royal Fanco and saw your posts. My son is just few days apart from your daughter. Motherhood is tough but worth it! Jia you!

    • cfchai says:

      Hi Jodie! Thanks for the encouragement. Motherhood is really much tougher than I imagine. Glad I am going on strong. Happy to know you are a fellow October mummy, your son must be learning to speak by now, my girl is really making me LOL everyday with her “speeches”!

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